For Frank: The Office of Letters and Light Intern Duck

This post is a bit difficult to explain and I am a little behind on word count for the day so I won't really try to now: explanation will follow later on (hopefully tomorrow)

For tonight: Frankie, baby, these are for you.

I would love to crochet myself an official Frank duck after this month's festivities are over. It's been years now since I've added a duck to my collection, but I made a whole little family of them once and they're still here with us as we go Nano-ing along.

So here you go, Frank. Meet 'Uack (pronounced "whack" after a duck that we met in Walt Disney world who said only that, 'uack') 'Uacklyn, and their two little ducklings. Yes, that is a crocheted duck with a pacifier...and the teeny one has a little bottle.

How else would you feed it?

Enjoy! And if you're not following Frank on Twitter, man, you don't know what you're missing :~D his motivational quacks are the stuff novels are written on!

Now, back to my novel...something big is about to happen, and I have to dive back in, not holding back, and just type as fast as my fingers can go.


OMG- it's WHAT?




It's WHAT TIME on the first of WHEN and I've yet to write a word?!?

Am I even going to attempt this, this year?

Yes and no.

Well, yes in that I am writing for NaNo but no in that I won't so much be winning.

It's not that I don't plan to try for the 50k, it's that I literally can't win.

This year, I'm part of the rebellion.

Yes, it's finally come to this, mon frere. I did 'win' last year (though I was too sick to even post to celebrate that fact here- and that is so sad.) It wasn't pretty but I did it. I typed a lot of last year's novel with my eyes literally closed due to the pain in them and in other places and in the time since then due to circumstances completely out of control (that's way past 'beyond my control' in case you were wondering) I didn't get to finish the book.

I don't know if I will this month, either.  But I'm going to write.


For things that already may or may not exist in bookular draft-type form.

That means I've finally done it- I've become a NaNoWriMo Rebel.

And while I am just a teensy bit sad I won't get a sparkly, shiny purple bar this year I hear my characters in there lanquishing- in my head- I have to go in after them.

I also hear green is the new purple (okay so I just made that up but I'm sticking with it.)


Time to face the Darth Vader coffeemaker to fortify myself for this...(you think I'm kidding? Look/Listen to this!)

...and I'll be trying to update the often non-widgeting-widget with some actual words that count soon.

Like, sooner than soon, because this is the first time that by this point in my first day I'm not already at thousands of words after staying up all night to write (mostly because I was out cold last night but again- beyond my control) and so I have to get on top of this before I feel hopelessly behind.

Happy Writing, intrepid Nanofolk. My heart is with Ye, one and all. Hear my (trepid) battle cry...

"Coffee, Cookies, Chocolate...and COLDPLAY*!"


(*as Good King Chris Martin would sing, "from underneath the rubble, sing a rebel song..."

Coolest. Wordcount. Ever.

I hope Douglas would approve.

Closing in...but I have a feeling the last 8k are going to be the big challenge. Time for sure to rest my eyes, though. Tomorrow is still another day in November.

A thing of beauty...

Really is a joy forever.

Even if I didn't write another word more, this would be a victory considering I've been typing blind a lot of the time. Oddly, I think it's actually helped the writing- I know I have material to go back to later that I never would have written if I'd been concentrating too hard. Even the stuff I already know has to go eventually can potentially be altered- but even if it goes, it has all led me to things that I know will stay.

This is why I love NaNo so much- not enough time to second guess, even a little, especially when you are on as tight a window as I have been, every year, for whatever reason.

I heart Chris Baty...totally.

Hope the dwindling days of NaNo are spurring you on, to finish with as much material as you can. You never know what offhand line of dialog or change in scene will lead you to something you never imagined you could write.


Flying Blind

With no alternative but certain and epic NaNo failure for the first time, I bit back my misgivings and tried typing with my eyes closed.


The typos were manageable, because I can still feel the tip of my left index finger upon the surface of the correct key (to hold my place)even though I can't tell where the rest of my fingers are. (It's bizarre enough to be able to type at all, given the other issues I have neurologically, who knows why the brain works the way it does?! I don't look that gift horse in the mouth...) The other shock: it also seems to free up parts of my brain I didn't realize were locked up. Tonight's blind word count: 5371 words: pure story. It felt like writing I used to do a couple years ago in my ability to focus in on the internal environment I was trying to create- maybe I did more writing this way then I realized as my vision went away.

This feels like it's opening up a whole new way of processing words in my head and getting them out of it...

Maybe NaNoWriMo is not over for me this year just yet.

One day at a time...

...and tomorrow...I get to try out my new Mr. Coffee which looks like something that belongs on the USS Enterprise. It makes five cups, technically, which means it's perfect because it makes one cup by my standards...