Day One: Who are you and how many words are you going to tell me to write?

This year, knowing about NaNo in advance (and having a long time to think about it when I was unable to see) I had many fleeting ideas for concepts to try for this year's novel.

Last year I had two ideas, neither of which worked and then I just started typing dialogue- and there it was, the entire novel just wrote itself.

The same thing seems to be happening this year. I had decided that I wanted to try writing humor/parody but my muse again had other ideas. At 12:01 when I cleared my head and just sat down, my FMC, Annabeth, decided to start 'speaking'.

What I wrote ended up being what is posted as my excerpt on my NaNo profile.

In the first 24 hours (23.5 hours to be precise) I passed 10,000 words...a personal best that just proves I am absolutely out of my mind.

A little back-story: Is that really a coffee cup?

Yes, yes it is. It's tilted, it's brilliant, and what's more it has a picture of my inner editor on it.

You see, last year after hounding me all of my life, I saw a thread on the NaNo forums asking what your inner editor looks like and mine immediately marched out of the shadows of my mind and declared her identity with a statement something like this:

"I'm here, darling, I'm fabulous and I am not going away."

Yet after wrestling her down and duct-taping her mentally to a chair- I cast caution (and my mother's habit for stating that I never 'finish anything' ha!) to the wind and I wrote my first NaNo novel, Fireworks Flowers, in ten days. I think the word count was something like 50,242 (am trying to research that to verify).

I didn't like it when it was done- it seemed a failure all over the place and I was terrified to let anybody read it. A couple of kind Wrimos accepted my offer to swap drafts (Thanks ladies!) and the reviews were far kinder than I dared imagine.

I'll be posting more of the story of how it's a miracle I am here (in more ways than one) to do NaNo again this year but for now, I will leave you with a picture of my inner-editor in coffee cup form.

The cup says "It's my way or the runway."

To that I say, "Hit the road bucky! I've got a novel to write!"