Crash and burn...




What have I done to my poor eyes?

Today's wordcount- zip.

But I do hope to do something about that before midnight if I can hold my head up long enough...

--hours later--

Okay so I've added a paltry 700 words...there's still an hour before midnight and I did get a nap in for the sake of the eyes...

Today's thought on the experience that was the past few years of my life...

The experience of losing your sight changes you,
but not nearly as much as the experience of getting it back.

The former changes the way you see the world.

The latter changes the way you see yourself.

The blur that was days 2-4

And already, there are wardrobe malfunctions...

it's only day four, my socks no longer match and they tell me my cardigan is inside out...but who cares! I'm writing a novel and no one can see my feet (well, now they can...)

Holy cow.

I've never typed let alone written so much in my life. My wordcount took on a life of its own after Chris Baty's passionate plea that we not injure NaNo angels by deleting anything from our novels in November, and I took that to heart.

He said, quote:

There's an old folks saying that goes like this: Whenver you delete a sentence in your NaNoWriMo novel, a NaNoWriMo angel loses its wings and plummets, screaming, to the ground.

Where it will likely require medical attention.

That finally drove the point home to me and I've been repenting ever since. More difficult for me is to stop editing as I go (after 12 years of editing other people's work in creative writing groups, editing as I go is a very hard habit to break but I'm trying).

So I drew the above picture and taped it, along with Chris' words, to the wall right by my computer monitor so I cannot escape it while I'm working on the book.

The book which actually has a title (it had a long one now has a much better short one) and main characters and as of last night, an ending which is incredible because I never write endings in advance- this one just happened.

All part of the magic of the special time of year that is NaNo. I told you, for me it's a religious experience.

Chris be with you...

Oh, and I wrote a letter of apology to the NaNo angels that was worded thus:


Apologies for the injury of Angels Unknown, by February Grace

Dear Nanowrimo Angels...

Ugh. So sorry.

You see I just read what Chris Baty said on the main page about how, and this is too good not to quote here:

"There's an old folk saying that goes: Whenever you delete a sentence in your NaNoWriMo novel, a NaNoWriMo angel loses its wings and plummets, screaming, to the ground.

Where it will likely require medical attention. "

Oh, the injuries I have inflicted unawares to those of a more celestial nature.

I can only beg their forgiveness now with promises to TRY (I know I know, "do or do not there is no try..." Freaking smart Muppet. He never goes away...) not to erase any more sentences.

It's just so hard. With my 12 year history editing other people's work for collaborative writing groups (none of which I have sadly ever been paid for but I digress) I tend to edit my own writing as I go. Even last year writing 50K words in 10 days to write my first Nano novel, it was almost completely edited by the time I was done and I didn't have to go back to do much to it to have a completed draft.

Now, I see the error in my ways and I can only pray that during this most holy Writer's month of Nano (Chris be with you...) that I can repent and be forgiven.

I will injure no more angels. No matter how much it injures me.




Here I must also add my sincerest thanks to Mr. Baty for his brilliant, humorous writing. If not for it I know Nano wouldn't have held my attention the way that it did in the beginning to the point where I HAD to sign up on the 17th of last November just to get the character voices in my head to stop their revolt (and to quit calling me a chicken) and why all year I have been counting down the days until Nano started.

So thank you, Mr. Baty, truly. You're one of my heroes.


My word count as of 11:59 last night: 23,057. Cha. Take THAT socks that don't match!