Red Square

And I am not talking about the Russians here.

There are nifty little widgets now at the NaNo site that you can use to track your wordcount progress.

I picked out a neat one with a calendar that gives you happy little light green squares on days when you make goal, even neater bright green squares when you do REALLY good on a given day and unhappily, little red squares if you don't make goal on a day (NaNo says goal is 1667 words per day, I believe.)

Well, as of 11:15 EST tonight I managed to crank out a happy 1724 words- in about an hour and a half.

I look at my widget and still I see this:

What the friggin'...

Then I go to the site and it seems that my timezone was incorrectly set due to our going off of daylight savings time last Sunday morning. BAH! Now my nifty little widget will have a red square in it no matter what I do, taunting me the rest of the month.

This I cannot allow. Edna will take it and run far and fast with it.

So forget that.

I'm using the happy little meter that just shows your words from now on. Cause I know sadly there will be days later this month when obligations will keep me from likely writing at all (hence why I tried to get a jump on the novel while I can). And I don't want any more of those freaking little red squares.


If it sounds like I'm having a cow, well I already have one thank you. She's a little 'stress ball' in cow form that I got a couple of years ago when we went to see Spamalot! Which I happen to find highly amusing.

I have a couple of these 'anti stress' (ha) thingies on my desk to toy with when I'm supposed to be writing or am thinking about writing. I'll try to post more of them as we go along. As we stand now, for today here's a little pic of MooMooLatte, stress cow extraordinaire:

She's telling me not to worry about the little messed up widget (which, now that I think about it, sounds like a really great insult to hurl at someone you don't like "You're nothing but a messed up little widget, you! Be gone from my sight!")

Not much done writing wise today granted but lots accomplished that's going to make it easier to write in the days ahead. So it was furthering the NaNo cause.

I didn't get to stop by the write-in (hopefully next time) but I did wear my t-shirt from last year all over town...

Now, I need coffee. Yes, I am aware of the time, you have a point?

It's NaNoWriMo. This is how we roll.

(and believe it or not I haven't had a single cup today so far, too busy, must be why I'm freaked out over one tiny little red square.)

Write onward!