With thanks to an Australian DJ in Chile...

No, that's not part of my novel, that's real life folks.

There is a very cool Wrimo called 'thingit' who posted a thread in the All Ages forum on the NaNoWriMo site saying that she was about to go on the air on the only all English radio station in Santiago and talk about NaNo. She wanted stories. So I chimed in with mind and darn if she didn't talk about me on the air!

If that wasn't enough, she's been playing way cool music and giving shout outs to Wrimos and I know as soon as this is over in half an hour and the Wrimos who missed it look up they're really gonna be sorry.

I have to tell ya, thingit, today was a rough one for me and I was wondering if I could finish the story. But your fun show and all of your great energy about NaNo got me back on track (and you played my totally obscure Killers song, AND the Fray...you rock!)

So, here I am raising my overfilled coffee mug (and trying not to slosh on the keys) to you, Lisa.

I swear, if this book gets published I am thanking you on the dedication page.


Thanks again, Lisa D! NaNoWriMo voice to the world via Santiago Chile and the Internet!!!

Random Artwork...

Today's painting:

Tea Roses and Sympathy acrylic on canvas, 8X10

What's it for anyway...

This NaNo is turning out to be quite a different experience for me from the first.

Maybe it's that people know I'm doing it this year and so there's kind of a 'watching over my shoulder' thing going on.

Maybe it's just that doing it with three writers in the family all at once is too much (someone has to do the dishes after all)

Whatever it is, I'm 200 words shy of 55,000, the story has more loose ends than an unfinished tapestry and I'm unhappy with it, in a huge way now.

What was supposed to be a light humor piece this year has turned into something entirely different. It's either going to have to be cut back down to the bone or it's going to turn into 80,000 words of way too damned depressing to finish.

I don't know.

Maybe doing NaNo, for me, is like falling in love- once you've really done it everything else afterward pales in comparison. Last year's novel, I loved even if at points I thought it was terrible- and this year I still love it. This year I love some of my characters but I think that it's too much to finish given the rest of my month is pretty much shot.

See, I knew I'd better finish it by the 15th. But I didn't. I made word count but I didn't finish the story and that's the problem.

Now I'm not sure I even want to.


No End in Sight


Despite being out of commission for two days due in part to a major migraine, I still made my goal of 50K by midnight Sunday (the 15th). In fact I made it with a couple hours to spare and kept right on going.

Why doesn't my word count say 50K anymore?

Because I am purposely keeping my progress bar blue until the validation begins. No more word count updates for me from here on out.

My buddies are working their tails off, trying to get those little bars to creep up to green from blue. Most of them while working at least one full time job and needing little things that I am used to operating without- such as food and sleep. So I feel bad going all 'green bar' on them in advance (and especially to those folks on the forums who are starting to get bar envy...) so I'm just not doing it. I actually subtracted from my word count today to show my support for them.

I'm still trying to crank words out- but I will stand with my buddies until the 25th and beginning of validation. Hell, I may wait until the 3oth this time and I'll only feel right doing it if my story is done, which it is nowhere near.

Which is why I can't waste a lot of time on this post *laugh*.

I decided though I'm not posting any more updated excerpts on the site. Here's why.

It's one thing to be bummed at yourself if you're behind on your count. Like, way behind.

It's another to offer what is supposed to be 'nice' critiques of your fellow Wrimos work.

But to outright insinuate with a *wink* that someone wrote 'repetitive' dialogue in order to boost their word count- that hurts.

I've never had to boost my word count artificially in my life. If you saw that my entire manuscript never separates "do not" and "is not" as a lot of people do to put their counts up even though NO ONE talks that way...well you'd see that I'm quite chatty when I write dialogue, actually, I do not need nor want artificially inflated counts.

Yeah, it hurts. NaNoWriMo is a matter of honor when it comes to reporting/counting your word count since no one physically goes through to validate. You impugn my word count, you impugn my honor.

So no, I ain't playing anymore.

I'm grateful to all the Wrimos who have been so kind to me about my work. You guys can read more if you want (just pm me there)

But for the others who just want to be mean, know what? It's the seventeenth. You might want to spend more time working on your novel than trying to bring other people's feelings down. It will be, I hope, a lot more satisfying for us both.

Been a rough week and only going to get rougher. So tonight I put on my headphones, cranked up The Grand Finale from Edward Scissorhands, had a good cry and painted this.

It's called Wintersong and it's named after a Sarah McLachlan song I love, inspired by that, and of course the Elfman Scissorhands soundtrack and actually something I wrote last year around Christmastime.

Life goes on.

My kid passed her goal today of 15K words for the Young Writer's Program and also her novel is nowhere near done. This is a kid who said she was afraid she wouldn't write 3000 words under pressure. Now she begs for just another hour to work on her book. Her latest prediction- it's gonna take 20K to tell her story. You go, girl.

I'm so proud.

Now, I've got to get back to Devastation Falls. 2k words tonight or else I won't get any hot chocolate. And I really, really want hot chocolate.

Do you know how bad it's getting? For the first time in my life, I used expired milk in my coffee today and I didn't notice! Of course it was I think (I hope) only 2 days past the 'sell by' date not the 'use by' date. But still, bleeech. I am very picky about this stuff and I can't believe I didn't realize that the 14th had long since come and gone. Of course, since I slept through the 14th that might explain it...

Happy noveling, everyone, and best of luck to my Writing Buddies. You guys rule.

Soon we'll all be sporting fancy green bars. Then pretty purple ones come the end of the month!