Holy Random Purple Bar, Batman!


This is not FOOD in bar form! This is bar in purple form!

So I'm on the NaNo forums, like I shouldn't be because Dru is hollering at me that I have to start stitching up these plot holes and Benjamin is begging me to just decide if Annabeth is going to wake up already or put him out of his heartbroken misery and Annabeth is just getting really pissed that she can't seem to drink coffee (or anything else, or eat) while she's stuck in Devastation Falls...

but I'm still on the forums cause, I want to order a nifty new t-shirt and stuff (the store is overwhelmed at the moment with traffic it seems- I pray the servers hold out!) and then, I see it.

I click the "Forums" link and there it is.

A page with a Congratulations Winner! Message on it.

And there's a link to stuff. Like the Winner web badges and stuff.

But...but...but... I didn't validate! I didn't even update my word count today! I was going to soon, but not yet the story isn't done!

It's pretty and now I'm kinda hopin' they won't take it away. Seems that they maybe think I'm in Australia which amuses me highly actually (and I know it's tomorrow there already so people are validating but I'm not and I didn't)

Still...the new winners graphic kicks ass, there's no other way to say it.

My novel last year- my first NaNo written in 10 days was called Fireworks Flowers.

I couldn't be happier that the graphic the year I wrote Hopeful Romantic has fireworks.

It is, in so many ways, so beautiful and fitting after the struggles I've had this year and reminds me of one of my absolute favorite songs of all time, The Night Sky (for WARCHILD) by Keane- which is heartbreakingly gorgeous if you've never heard it get to iTunes and buy it NOW. You'll thank me.

I'm going to play it right now, in fact, while I get out my magical storyteller's needle and thread and start stitching the seams of my story up pretty and tight...

Sing it, Tom...

"And I will be set free from
the people who are trying to bury me
and only fireworks will light the sky at night
for all the world can see..."