Coolest. Wordcount. Ever.

I hope Douglas would approve.

Closing in...but I have a feeling the last 8k are going to be the big challenge. Time for sure to rest my eyes, though. Tomorrow is still another day in November.

A thing of beauty...

Really is a joy forever.

Even if I didn't write another word more, this would be a victory considering I've been typing blind a lot of the time. Oddly, I think it's actually helped the writing- I know I have material to go back to later that I never would have written if I'd been concentrating too hard. Even the stuff I already know has to go eventually can potentially be altered- but even if it goes, it has all led me to things that I know will stay.

This is why I love NaNo so much- not enough time to second guess, even a little, especially when you are on as tight a window as I have been, every year, for whatever reason.

I heart Chris Baty...totally.

Hope the dwindling days of NaNo are spurring you on, to finish with as much material as you can. You never know what offhand line of dialog or change in scene will lead you to something you never imagined you could write.


Flying Blind

With no alternative but certain and epic NaNo failure for the first time, I bit back my misgivings and tried typing with my eyes closed.


The typos were manageable, because I can still feel the tip of my left index finger upon the surface of the correct key (to hold my place)even though I can't tell where the rest of my fingers are. (It's bizarre enough to be able to type at all, given the other issues I have neurologically, who knows why the brain works the way it does?! I don't look that gift horse in the mouth...) The other shock: it also seems to free up parts of my brain I didn't realize were locked up. Tonight's blind word count: 5371 words: pure story. It felt like writing I used to do a couple years ago in my ability to focus in on the internal environment I was trying to create- maybe I did more writing this way then I realized as my vision went away.

This feels like it's opening up a whole new way of processing words in my head and getting them out of it...

Maybe NaNoWriMo is not over for me this year just yet.

One day at a time...

...and tomorrow...I get to try out my new Mr. Coffee which looks like something that belongs on the USS Enterprise. It makes five cups, technically, which means it's perfect because it makes one cup by my standards...

...and it's really come to this?

Yesterday's breakfast: once a Dunkin Donut goes past 12 hours old I usually can't eat it. Desperate for chocolate frosting, sadly, this is what happened...

This year, NaNo is a whole other animal for me.

My first year, I joined on November 17 and had finished my 'novel' at 52k words ten days later.

Last year, by the 15th I was over 50k words and though I had to take several eye-related breaks, in 21 days of writing I wrote 82k (the novel was finished in January at a whopping 101 which was scaled back and still needs further, um, scaling.)

This year...dude, I am beat.

33 days of IV antbiotics are the culprit, I know. Additionally the illness that required them which began back in August (and kept me from eating solid food for 23 days at one point) and now the post-op recovery (I'm not three weeks in yet, I keep forgetting that) are seriously zapping my NaNo mojo.

So too the fact that this year's experiment (and now I'm feeling like Mike and the Bots up on the Satellite of Love...we've got commercial sign!) is not making things easier on me and I have considered starting over with a (safe for me) romantic comedy that I had the idea for bolt into my head yesterday.

I'm giving myself until tomorrow to decide.

I think that if I stop on the first idea, I may never get back to it and I think I'd hate myself for that more than I'd regret not finishing with 50k if that be the outcome (I keep falling asleep when I'm supposed to be writing but this cannot be helped.) I'd rather, I think, do the hard thing this year and take what I can of it forward into December and see what happens then toss it aside and write something I could easily write any other time, because it is, well, easier.

What about you? Sticking with the hard thing or starting over? For me, NaNo begins in earnest tomorrow, or I should say, later today.

Chris Baty's pep talk has me feeling the desire to try...we'll find out in the next two weeks just how much I can wring out of myself.

I definitely have to watch the eyesight though- no torn retinas this year come December. Better a NaNo fail than an eyesight fail...


Writing an Uphill Battle

Talk about your Freudian slip, I actually said this out loud earlier: "I may be writing an uphill battle but I don't want to look in the mirror on December 1 without having written 50k words at least."

Now, in all fairness to me (and I'm not usually that fair to me, believe it) I have been writing. Blogging doesn't count I know but even creatively, in fact just today I pounded out 1651 words as part of a proposed chapter to send to a friend for our ongoing online series. But that's not NaNo writing and this is November. Ergo (and I only know one person on the planet who actually uses 'ergo' in a sentence but when he does it it's so fabulous I have to imitate him for a moment, just once) it does not count.

Oh, for shame...

My wordcount...

All those ugly little red squares.

What's happened to me this year? Usually I'm at 11K by dawn of day two- but this year...this year...

Oh yeah, there was that thing where I got really sick in August and was still on IV drug infusions for the first part of this month (before I finally went AWOL and all my doctors got together and decided 'enough already') following that, I've been sleeping.

Then there's the fact I had surgery a couple days before kick off (and that the general anesthesia really didn't agree with me...)

So what's my excuse for not kicking up my word count by this point? Would be convenient to say it's that I've been sick as a dog and as exhausted as a turtle after a marathon. But it's easier, and less glamourous than that.

Simple, really.

This year, I'm writing like a coward.

What would the Knights say? No, wait, I don't wanna know...

(Thanks to LadyPendragon for the awesome graphic: used by permission)

Tonight on my home blog, a very kind person with a lot of experience at this whole book thing took the time out of her busy weekend (and even from writing her own NaNo novel) to say some kind words to me.

She sure didn't have to do that but it really, really is appreciated.

So I guess it's time I'd better put my earbuds back in, brew some coffee and get tough on myself.

I may not have the finished product I hoped for when it hits midnight on the last night of November but I know this. If I don't see this through, come December 1 I am going to feel a lot worse than I do right now.

And I won't get to wear the famous Victory Socks. And a year without Victory Socks is like a year without sunshine.

Back to the drawing board (or in this case, the Word document...)


Epic Forums Fail

Ugh, I am about done with even attempting to use the NaNoWriMo forums this year.

I've been trying for more than an hour just to send a PM to someone to answer questions they asked in the Reference forum and it's over capacity. Or some other thing.

What's gone wrong this year? I don't get it. Last year was so much better than 08, and there don't seem to be that many more writers this year or am I missing something?

I know one thing- it's sad but it's true that I'm never going to finish with a decent wordcount this year if I keep trying to help other people on the forums and the forums keep crashing.

I think they need new dylithium crystals to run the boards or something- or maybe the servers need caffeine!

So tired- two doctor's appointments today and I missed the local kick-off party (darn) but only six days post-op I guess I was asking a lot of myself...I'm just glad the day is almost over. If I can just get 1500 words written in the next 1:45 minutes, then I can feel that I accomplished something today.

What do you think is wrong with the forums this year? Squirrels in the machinery? Too many adverbs being used by writers worldwide? Something has to be to blame...

A milestone this year too- OL&L is no longer boxing up/shipping out the merch. That's sad, cause it means I'll never again get surprised by a sweet little hand written note like I have in the past from time to time. The end of an era...


Random NaNo Moments, 2010


This year is off to a way different start for me.

Usually by this point, I have 10k words down and no idea where my story is going.

This year, I wrote a very modest and sane 2400 words in the first day (have yet to write today, I had to clear my head of blog stuff first) and a scary idea of where my story is going.

This year I'm off the map.

I'm doing the thing that scared me to write because no, I haven't read a lot in the genre or seen a lot of the movies. No, I haven't a clue what I'm after.

But I hear the characters, and this year, already, the 'surprise' has shown up just as Aidan did early in Fireworks and Dru completely absconded with Hopeful Romantic. This is a character that will either be very effective or will make the whole project one I'll be glad to lock up in my shiny new "Open and read my work after I'm dead. Thank you," trunk.

Time will tell.

Anyway- this post is for you. Share your epiphanies, your happy thoughts, your scary moments (I backed up! I swear, I backed it up ten times!) oh, and by the way, back up your work. Somewhere ELSE besides on a computer. Webmail works well. Do it now. You'll thank me later.

My random NaNo thought for the day is that I feel like I'm behind even though in my head, I'm too far ahead.

My socks still match. That has got to be the problem.

Your random NaNo thought for the day is what? Comment away.


A Between NaNos Note!

Hi there!

I'm sorry to those following that I never posted that post NaNo 09 update- I have a valid excuse.


My retina tore.

That is not the kind of thing you make up and unfortunately it's what happened to me a couple weeks after NaNo ended.

I had to have it lasered back together (spot-welded, the doctor called it...) and I was forbidden from reading OR writing for weeks afterward. The hardest part, learning to adjust to the loss of a lot of the vision I'd recovered in the right eye when it happened.

But I am adjusting...

and I'm doing my first ever Script Frenzy! And blogging about it!

Stop on by to see what's going on in our world as Frenzies, and I will definitely be back for another round of NaNo this November.

In the meantime...

My last novel is, I believe, a finished first draft at 101,235 (or so) words.

I hope, someday, that you will see it in a bookstore near you...I am definitely going to keep trying for it.

I hope your year so far has been good to you.

Remember, only six and a half months till NaNoWriMo!