A Between NaNos Note!

Hi there!

I'm sorry to those following that I never posted that post NaNo 09 update- I have a valid excuse.


My retina tore.

That is not the kind of thing you make up and unfortunately it's what happened to me a couple weeks after NaNo ended.

I had to have it lasered back together (spot-welded, the doctor called it...) and I was forbidden from reading OR writing for weeks afterward. The hardest part, learning to adjust to the loss of a lot of the vision I'd recovered in the right eye when it happened.

But I am adjusting...

and I'm doing my first ever Script Frenzy! And blogging about it!

Stop on by to see what's going on in our world as Frenzies, and I will definitely be back for another round of NaNo this November.

In the meantime...

My last novel is, I believe, a finished first draft at 101,235 (or so) words.

I hope, someday, that you will see it in a bookstore near you...I am definitely going to keep trying for it.

I hope your year so far has been good to you.

Remember, only six and a half months till NaNoWriMo!