Random NaNo Moments, 2010


This year is off to a way different start for me.

Usually by this point, I have 10k words down and no idea where my story is going.

This year, I wrote a very modest and sane 2400 words in the first day (have yet to write today, I had to clear my head of blog stuff first) and a scary idea of where my story is going.

This year I'm off the map.

I'm doing the thing that scared me to write because no, I haven't read a lot in the genre or seen a lot of the movies. No, I haven't a clue what I'm after.

But I hear the characters, and this year, already, the 'surprise' has shown up just as Aidan did early in Fireworks and Dru completely absconded with Hopeful Romantic. This is a character that will either be very effective or will make the whole project one I'll be glad to lock up in my shiny new "Open and read my work after I'm dead. Thank you," trunk.

Time will tell.

Anyway- this post is for you. Share your epiphanies, your happy thoughts, your scary moments (I backed up! I swear, I backed it up ten times!) oh, and by the way, back up your work. Somewhere ELSE besides on a computer. Webmail works well. Do it now. You'll thank me later.

My random NaNo thought for the day is that I feel like I'm behind even though in my head, I'm too far ahead.

My socks still match. That has got to be the problem.

Your random NaNo thought for the day is what? Comment away.