Epic Forums Fail

Ugh, I am about done with even attempting to use the NaNoWriMo forums this year.

I've been trying for more than an hour just to send a PM to someone to answer questions they asked in the Reference forum and it's over capacity. Or some other thing.

What's gone wrong this year? I don't get it. Last year was so much better than 08, and there don't seem to be that many more writers this year or am I missing something?

I know one thing- it's sad but it's true that I'm never going to finish with a decent wordcount this year if I keep trying to help other people on the forums and the forums keep crashing.

I think they need new dylithium crystals to run the boards or something- or maybe the servers need caffeine!

So tired- two doctor's appointments today and I missed the local kick-off party (darn) but only six days post-op I guess I was asking a lot of myself...I'm just glad the day is almost over. If I can just get 1500 words written in the next 1:45 minutes, then I can feel that I accomplished something today.

What do you think is wrong with the forums this year? Squirrels in the machinery? Too many adverbs being used by writers worldwide? Something has to be to blame...

A milestone this year too- OL&L is no longer boxing up/shipping out the merch. That's sad, cause it means I'll never again get surprised by a sweet little hand written note like I have in the past from time to time. The end of an era...