Writing an Uphill Battle

Talk about your Freudian slip, I actually said this out loud earlier: "I may be writing an uphill battle but I don't want to look in the mirror on December 1 without having written 50k words at least."

Now, in all fairness to me (and I'm not usually that fair to me, believe it) I have been writing. Blogging doesn't count I know but even creatively, in fact just today I pounded out 1651 words as part of a proposed chapter to send to a friend for our ongoing online series. But that's not NaNo writing and this is November. Ergo (and I only know one person on the planet who actually uses 'ergo' in a sentence but when he does it it's so fabulous I have to imitate him for a moment, just once) it does not count.

Oh, for shame...

My wordcount...

All those ugly little red squares.

What's happened to me this year? Usually I'm at 11K by dawn of day two- but this year...this year...

Oh yeah, there was that thing where I got really sick in August and was still on IV drug infusions for the first part of this month (before I finally went AWOL and all my doctors got together and decided 'enough already') following that, I've been sleeping.

Then there's the fact I had surgery a couple days before kick off (and that the general anesthesia really didn't agree with me...)

So what's my excuse for not kicking up my word count by this point? Would be convenient to say it's that I've been sick as a dog and as exhausted as a turtle after a marathon. But it's easier, and less glamourous than that.

Simple, really.

This year, I'm writing like a coward.

What would the Knights say? No, wait, I don't wanna know...

(Thanks to LadyPendragon for the awesome graphic: used by permission)

Tonight on my home blog, a very kind person with a lot of experience at this whole book thing took the time out of her busy weekend (and even from writing her own NaNo novel) to say some kind words to me.

She sure didn't have to do that but it really, really is appreciated.

So I guess it's time I'd better put my earbuds back in, brew some coffee and get tough on myself.

I may not have the finished product I hoped for when it hits midnight on the last night of November but I know this. If I don't see this through, come December 1 I am going to feel a lot worse than I do right now.

And I won't get to wear the famous Victory Socks. And a year without Victory Socks is like a year without sunshine.

Back to the drawing board (or in this case, the Word document...)