...and it's really come to this?

Yesterday's breakfast: once a Dunkin Donut goes past 12 hours old I usually can't eat it. Desperate for chocolate frosting, sadly, this is what happened...

This year, NaNo is a whole other animal for me.

My first year, I joined on November 17 and had finished my 'novel' at 52k words ten days later.

Last year, by the 15th I was over 50k words and though I had to take several eye-related breaks, in 21 days of writing I wrote 82k (the novel was finished in January at a whopping 101 which was scaled back and still needs further, um, scaling.)

This year...dude, I am beat.

33 days of IV antbiotics are the culprit, I know. Additionally the illness that required them which began back in August (and kept me from eating solid food for 23 days at one point) and now the post-op recovery (I'm not three weeks in yet, I keep forgetting that) are seriously zapping my NaNo mojo.

So too the fact that this year's experiment (and now I'm feeling like Mike and the Bots up on the Satellite of Love...we've got commercial sign!) is not making things easier on me and I have considered starting over with a (safe for me) romantic comedy that I had the idea for bolt into my head yesterday.

I'm giving myself until tomorrow to decide.

I think that if I stop on the first idea, I may never get back to it and I think I'd hate myself for that more than I'd regret not finishing with 50k if that be the outcome (I keep falling asleep when I'm supposed to be writing but this cannot be helped.) I'd rather, I think, do the hard thing this year and take what I can of it forward into December and see what happens then toss it aside and write something I could easily write any other time, because it is, well, easier.

What about you? Sticking with the hard thing or starting over? For me, NaNo begins in earnest tomorrow, or I should say, later today.

Chris Baty's pep talk has me feeling the desire to try...we'll find out in the next two weeks just how much I can wring out of myself.

I definitely have to watch the eyesight though- no torn retinas this year come December. Better a NaNo fail than an eyesight fail...