A thing of beauty...

Really is a joy forever.

Even if I didn't write another word more, this would be a victory considering I've been typing blind a lot of the time. Oddly, I think it's actually helped the writing- I know I have material to go back to later that I never would have written if I'd been concentrating too hard. Even the stuff I already know has to go eventually can potentially be altered- but even if it goes, it has all led me to things that I know will stay.

This is why I love NaNo so much- not enough time to second guess, even a little, especially when you are on as tight a window as I have been, every year, for whatever reason.

I heart Chris Baty...totally.

Hope the dwindling days of NaNo are spurring you on, to finish with as much material as you can. You never know what offhand line of dialog or change in scene will lead you to something you never imagined you could write.