For Frank: The Office of Letters and Light Intern Duck

This post is a bit difficult to explain and I am a little behind on word count for the day so I won't really try to now: explanation will follow later on (hopefully tomorrow)

For tonight: Frankie, baby, these are for you.

I would love to crochet myself an official Frank duck after this month's festivities are over. It's been years now since I've added a duck to my collection, but I made a whole little family of them once and they're still here with us as we go Nano-ing along.

So here you go, Frank. Meet 'Uack (pronounced "whack" after a duck that we met in Walt Disney world who said only that, 'uack') 'Uacklyn, and their two little ducklings. Yes, that is a crocheted duck with a pacifier...and the teeny one has a little bottle.

How else would you feed it?

Enjoy! And if you're not following Frank on Twitter, man, you don't know what you're missing :~D his motivational quacks are the stuff novels are written on!

Now, back to my novel...something big is about to happen, and I have to dive back in, not holding back, and just type as fast as my fingers can go.



Lindsey @ Lindsey Living said...

Found you in the forums. Very inspired by your true story! Have you written a memoir? Do you only blog during NaNoWriMo? Just Curious. I haven't even hit 6,000 words yet. WAY behind but trying to catch up. Best of luck to you!

February Grace said...

hi Lindsey,thank you for visiting and for your kind interest and thoughtful questions!

I have a blog called Pitch Slapped that I write at the rest of the year (and sadly this year this NaNo blog has been posted at much less frequently than I'd like, I'm not feeling well this week, hope to be better as the month goes on) It's linked in the side bar if you want to check it out.

I haven't written a memoir yet (maybe someday) but if you search that blog for the posts tagged Losing the Light I talk more about my experiences there.

Good luck with your novel, I know you can do it! I lost a whole day of writing today (first time this month I haven't gotten a word written for the day- so sad- but it can't be helped) and I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow.

thanks again for stopping by- hope this comment makes sense- again not feeling at my best tonight.