For Frank: The Office of Letters and Light Intern Duck

This post is a bit difficult to explain and I am a little behind on word count for the day so I won't really try to now: explanation will follow later on (hopefully tomorrow)

For tonight: Frankie, baby, these are for you.

I would love to crochet myself an official Frank duck after this month's festivities are over. It's been years now since I've added a duck to my collection, but I made a whole little family of them once and they're still here with us as we go Nano-ing along.

So here you go, Frank. Meet 'Uack (pronounced "whack" after a duck that we met in Walt Disney world who said only that, 'uack') 'Uacklyn, and their two little ducklings. Yes, that is a crocheted duck with a pacifier...and the teeny one has a little bottle.

How else would you feed it?

Enjoy! And if you're not following Frank on Twitter, man, you don't know what you're missing :~D his motivational quacks are the stuff novels are written on!

Now, back to my novel...something big is about to happen, and I have to dive back in, not holding back, and just type as fast as my fingers can go.